Monday, October 31, 2016

Lakaw Lakaw to Macau

*Lakaw means to "Walk Around". This is what you'll need to do to enjoy a day tour in Macau. This "Las Vegas of Asia" is loved not only by the hard core gamblers but by all types of travelers because of its beautiful buildings and casinos. 

For the casino/hotel hopping, free shuttle buses are available for the tourists' convenience. Macau is a populous region; similar to Hong Kong, you will see also a lot of jewelry stores at the city center. 

Best Season to visit Macau (from Hongkong)- during your Birthday week to avail of the Cotai Jet Birthday Discount =)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hello Hong Kong

Here are some travel tips when visiting Hong Kong for the first time:

  • Ready your itinerary. It is best to make your stay in Hong Kong a worthwhile one without wasting time. Here is a sample itinerary >  Hong Kong Sample Itinerary
  • Familiarize yourself with the MTR (Hong Kong Train) station connections before your flight. It will save you a lot on cost and time if you ride using the train.
  • Convert your Peso to HK dollars while still in the Philippines to save on forex conversion costs. Do this at least a week/weeks before your flight to reserve the HK dollar. You may already purchase some tickets and accommodation online (e.g. Disneyland tickets) to avoid hassle.
  • Buy Octopus Card and get the tour brochures with maps at the customer center inside the Hong Kong Airport. The Maps will be handy and convenient in case of a DIY ("Do It Yourself" tour). 
  • Only few locals can understand English since their main dialect is Cantonese. In case you have inquiries, best person to ask are the hotel receptionists, the restaurant/store sellers, the policeman along the road and some Filipinos living/working in Hong Kong that you can recognize by their facial feature.
  • Activate the roaming application of your mobile phone. You may take advantage of the free wifi in malls/hotels/airports to save on call costs.
  • Buy your water supply at the supermarket. It is cheaper than those in the convenience outlets. If you will ask for plastic from the stores, they will charge you with cents or a HK dollar.
  • There are lots of restaurants and food stalls in Tsim Sha Tsui and Jordan areas. No worries on where to eat. However, take note that the menu selections are often big food serving for sharing. The best place to eat dinner is at the Temple Street Night Market near MTR Jordan - the food is delicious.
  • Hong Kong seems to be a hub of jewelry stores/outlets. They are like 7 11 stores in the Tsim Sha Tsui area. For jewelry enthusiasts, you may take advantage of this opportunity.
  • You can have a day tour in Macau since it is just an hour away ferry ride from Hong Kong. Take advantage of all the free hotel shuttle bus rides to tour the entire Macau City and the casinos.
  • You may return back your Octopus card at the MTR station customer center to get your initial deposit before going back to Hong Kong Airport.