Monday, June 25, 2012

Meet Bo Sanchez

Every start of the year, I make it a habit to write down the goals I want to accomplish, the things I want to do and the places I want to visit. In my 2009 journal, included in my to-do-list is to attend one of Brother Bo Sanchez’s talks. I am a big fan of Bo and it is my dream to see him in person. I watch his preachings on tv regularly and I find his talks very inspiring, what more if it’s live?

Better late than never, I was able to put a check on this item this 2012. In the office, I constantly receive e-mails of daily dose from Bro. Bo’s blog, thanks to gwen! (“_”) This serves as a cue to complete my 2009 outstanding assignment. Fortunately,I have another officemate who is part of the Life of Jesus family, the community of Brother Bo. She informed me that Brother Bo is regularly conducting his talks (The Feast) at the PICC for free.