Monday, July 15, 2019

#Elyureadyforme "La Union"

Sometimes, those spur of the moment travel decisions are the best triggers of excitement in your normal daily grind. Second time to visit the same place but travelling with different set of companions, makes your trip a whole new experience.

I came to know La Union (Elyu) for its surf and music festival events. This time around, Elyu offers a serene vibe and a laidback morning to beach goers. The hot surface of sand that touches your sole will make you giddy to spend more time by the water.

Charlie's Hangar surf hostel is a good place to stay if you are a group of 8 pax.  There is a large aircraft outside the dormitory-like building which is instagramworthy shot for guests. How ironic since the room inside is like a shipping cabin in contrast to its name hangar. At night, the veranda is a good place for social gathering. For sure, most of the day time, vacationers will bask under the sun to enjoy the waves and the winds.

Tagaytay: Balay Dako and Calaruega

Tagaytay has been my family's favorite hub since it is few tumblings away from home. It has several food and coffee establishments you can visit every roadtrip. The cool weather entices you to try various restaurants particularly ordering the famous bulalo of Tagaytay.

Balay Dako

This elegant restaurant is conducive for diners in big group or family/clan celebrations. The 2nd floor of the restaurant has the nice overlooking view of Taal Volcano.

The stop-over won't be complete without ordering bulalo. The bulalo meat was cooked well for hours.

A must try also is the piyaya for pasalubong. The best!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Lucban Quezon

In the heart of Lucban Quezon stands the huge statue of Jesus "Kamay ni Hesus" similar to the Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. It is good to spend one weekend here and enjoy hiking all the way to the statue. It has several stops featuring the stations of the cross for believers. The Arc of Noah is also the primary feature of  the shrine with several stalls at the side offering crafts, souvenirs and delicacies of Quezon. 

You can also have a stop over at the Palaisdaan for fresh seafood and yummy gata viand.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Wonders of Catanduanes

In my spare time, I love watching Byahe ni Drew Youtube videos. Drew visited Catanduanes in one of his itineraries. I intentionally did not watch the Catanduanes episode prior to my visit so as not to pre-empt any expectations about the place. I watched it after I went there.

My trip was so memorable; it was my first time that the airline issued me a manual ticket  since I was not a registered passenger due to a system glitch.  My departure flight was in Clark and I had to go through all the hassles of a passenger with unregistered booking despite the confirmed online payment. My friends and I were only able to check in during the last onboarding call. Stressful as you can imagine, the silver lining of this flawed flight service is that it was all worth it when I saw the beauty of Catanduanes.

Catanduanes is still not so famous compared to its neighboring towns in Bicol region. For nature lovers and those who want a "probinsya vibe", Catanduanes is a must see. You'll enjoy the rolling hills, the cliffs and the side tours through the use of "habal-habal" motorcycle. There are hiking requirements but it will be an easy breezy one compared to actual mountain hikings.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Acuaverde Laiya Batangas

How I dream that I can bring "Marky" our pet dog in our travels....but Marky is not the tamed and behaved type of best friend, she can get excited outdoors and get anxious to run anywhere.

This time around, I want to try a beach that is dog-friendly. I may not be able to bring Marky but at least I can see various cute dogs lounging around the beach front. Acuaverde in Laiya is pet friendly and has old large trees making the place cozy during summer.