Sunday, November 5, 2017

Bacolod - The City of Smiles

Ten (10) Years ago, at Bacolod Circle Inn ,  I bumped into my cousin who is a doctor from Cagayan De Oro and with temporary assignment in Bacolod City. It was my first day at that time in Bacolod, a solo young traveler who just arrived at the inn from the airport  for a business trip.  Lucky for me, my cousin attended an event that night and I was able to see her from afar. She joined me during my spare time in Bacolod.

Considering that she has been residing there for months already, she acted as my tourist guide within the city. At that time, SM City Bacolod is still under construction. I was able to have a taste of the authentic Bacolod Inasal" and got the provincial vibe of Bacolod at night. 

My work assignment that time at researcher is to visit our major clients for a usage, attitude,image study. This type of job led me to go to places I have never been to. The sugar canes that are planted on the vast land of Bacolod created a nice view for first time tourists like me. Going to remote places and nearby areas of Bacolod became my stint =)

2017 - I joined the ASPLI event and the venue is in Bacolod. I have seen the progress and the major changes that transpired during the decade =). Since my first time in Bacolod was more of work, this year, I was able to visit the tourist spots of the City of Smiles.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia

I was privileged to be part of an official business trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia is a muslim-majority country and I already have a notion of their way of life considering that my lineal descendants are from Mindanao. Also, this visit reminds me of my previous vacation in Sabah Malaysia which is also a muslim state. Mindanao (in Philippines) , Sabah (in Borneo) and Jakarta (in Indonesia) are neighboring islands in the south; thus, there will be similarities in culture and in lifestyle.

Malay (the language in Malaysia) and Bahasa (language in Indonesia) are also similar in context. My brother who previously worked in Malaysia for almost 3 years taught me a little of Malay languages and the one thing I remembered was the phrase "terima kasih" which is Thank you. "Terima kasih" is also being used in Indonesia with the same meaning.

Jakarta highways are the same with the Philippine highways. Good thing I did not experience the so called "heavy traffic" during our visit. Their airport is unique since it has a good landscape with trees/plants at the side compared to the usual airports with modern infrastructure look. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Palm Beach Resort Laiya

Palm Beach Resort is a private get-away spot you can indulge over a long weekend. The shoreline is secluded from the rest of the Laiya resorts, thus, you will experience privacy and relaxation away from the crowd.

A  45% degree slope run will greet you all the way down to the resort. Almost all rooms are designed with beach front view. The sound of waves will welcome you in the early hours of the day.

Buffets served are good and the swimming pools are clean. The beach sand is quite rocky so be reminded to bring your own aqua shoes.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Nikko and Edo Wonderland

A visit to Japan is not complete without seeing the shrines and buddhist temples which were built centuries ago. Nikko is a temple city and nature park located on the north side of Tokyo, 3 hours away via train. Century old trees will welcome the tourists as they hike all the way to the temples. The cold weather and the green surrounding invite such inner peace to the wanderers.

Also,an experience of "old Japan" will unleash the curiosity of what is it like to live during the Edo or Meiji period. A visit to Edo Wonderland is a must since it is just an hour away from the Nikko Area.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Hakone is a brand of sardines here in the Philippines =)  Little did I know that this was named after a beautiful town in Japan, around 2 hours train ride from Tokyo.

Tokyo is a metropolitan and busy area, in case you want to explore the province side of Japan, visit Hakone. I have learned about the Hakone region while doing my Japan itinerary.

The famous Mt. Fuji can be seen while touring the Hakone Region. If you plan to purchase the Hakone Free Pass, you may have unlimited usage of various modes of transportation (i.e. tozan railway, cable car, ropeway, cruiseship and tour bus). The area is a mountainous region with a beautiful view of a serene Ashi lake and the volcanic activity at the Owakudani Valley.