Saturday, December 31, 2011

Positivity and The Blessing of Favor

This 2011 is a celebration of Positivity. Last September, I attended the Association of Service Professionals in Life Insurance (ASPLI) convention held in Subic. The speakers not only presented customer-centric topics but also highlighted the importance of having a good perspective in life. Showcased during the event are the inspirational life stories of Nick Vujicic, Bethany Hamilton, Derek Redmond, among others, which served as a reminder for us, the participants, to be positive and to never give up in our goals/endeavor.

On the other note, I also attended two casual seminars imparting the same trail of wisdom: "Success depends on us and we have to be surrounded with positive people in our lives. We also need good mentors (maybe a friend, boss, or colleague) to guide us on the right track.

Recently, I received an inspirational book as a gift from a friend entitled "The Blessing of Favor" which I wanted to share this new year's eve:

"God's will for our life isn't that we barely get by. He is a God of supernatural increase. He's a God of Abundance. And his plan for us is that we have more than enough. We need to tap into those things that belong to us."

The book encourages the readers to have faith on God's goodness and grace. As enumerated on Chapter 4 of the book, here are the ways to activate the favor of God:

1. Pray for Favor

2. Acknowledge Favor everytime something good happens to you

3. As we begin to acknowledge and recognize favor, we will experience more of it

4. Sow favor

5. Confess favor on a daily basis

6. Call the favor of God to operate in your life

7. Expect Favor

As a final piece, may we welcome the New Year with good vibes, with right attitude and with a prayer for blessings of favor. Cheers to 2012 ("_")

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