Friday, November 30, 2012

Lalalalala La Union

Want to get stoked?  

San Juan, La Union is one of the famous hideout of surfers here in the North. This time, the Surf and Music Festival capped the long weekend of San Juan from October 31 to November 3 with great night of party,  adventure and fun.

The Surf & Music Festival 2012 was presented by Aloha Boardsports in partnership with the Department of Tourism []. Famous local bands, such as Wolfgang, Urbandub, and Pupil, convened together to create the best 3-night concert at the beach.  The festival also featured beginner and pro surf competition over the weekend.

Yes, from a beach lover's point of view,  S&M festival offered an extraordinary experience. The ambiance was different and the beach hunks and babes who flocked on that event have that of the surfer's body...beautiful physique, i mean (",) 

Aside from San Juan beach, backpackers can also tour the nearby towns, such as Poro where the Santorini-inspired Thunderbird Resort is situated. 

If you want an adrenaline rush, the Pugo adventure will satisfy your hunger for adventure. Zipline, rapelling, wall climbing and other outdoor activities are available in this beautiful nature park setting.

La Union, which is 6 hours away from Manila has a lot of activities to offer.

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Geejay Gelogo said...

I want to visit the Santorini-inspired resort!