Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hello Baler!

Want bigger and bolder waves? Try Sabang Beach @ Baler (“_”)


I am not a surfer to begin with...but I really love the beach. What’s more fascinating about Baler aside from being a famous surfers’ haven is the relaxing and peaceful ambiance it offers to travellers. You may also have a day tour on nearby places by renting a “tricycle” which will take you to the different tourist spots of Baler.

From Cubao to Baler, travel time is around 6 -7 hrs. I advise you to make bus reservations a week in advance (particularly the Baler to Manila route). It’s pretty hassle and time consuming to drop-off to Cabanatuan and take another bus ride on your return trip to Manila.

Suggested Itinerary:

Mother Falls – A must see wonder nature! 10 minutes of rough road tricycle ride up to the mountain + 20 minutes of hiking with river-crossing , then multiply this travel time and effort by 2   - The sweat and the adventure is all worth it!

Aniao Islets – a rock formation scenery (for a quick stop-over)

Museo de Baler - have a quick glimpse of the past

Ermita Hill - feel the breeze and enjoy the overlooking view of Aurora

The Sabang Beach – wild waves

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